Monday, February 19, 2007

In the latest episode of Desi Dilemmas, join me as I reflect upon civic sense in India once again through anecdotes bizarre and ordinary, personal and borrowed. Suketu Mehta's take on politeness in Mumbai, ladies' night at an upscale Bangalore bar, and an unexpected flash in a not-so-pleasant location. . .

For Mukta's Raut's blog, check out:

So, if civic sense is about a more humane way to relate to one another, and neither Indian nor American cities provide good models, then what would it look like?

Mumbai Trains, the "Kurla Flasher" and Other "This is India" Truths

Saturday, February 17, 2007

You've heard the podcast, now visit the blog

Welcome, Desi Dilemmas listeners old and new! I've finally felt inspired to create a new space for my year-old podcast, hosted by On the blog, I'll embed the podcasts as they come out, and supplement the podcasts with more regular blog postings to keep it alive between episodes. I'd love this to be an open forum for people to swap ideas and inspirations. Been meaning to do this for ages, and today was finally the day! Stay tuned for constant updates, improvements, and new conversations!